the eip network privacy statement

the preamble

at the eip network, we are committed to protecting your privacy the best way we know how: not giving a fuck about your 'unique marketing/advertising footprint'.
we're tired of being pigeonholed, marketed to, and being a part of an 'advertising cohort' that follows you around the internet.
so, because of that, we completely and wholly refuse to be a part of that.

the specifics

most websites on the eip network have a Google Analytics script on every page.
Akismet may be used on wordpress sites for the sole purpose of filtering spam. Akismet's privacy policy is here.
information about Google's privacy policies in relation to Analytics can be found here and here, and you can also opt out of Analytics altogether by using this.

the commitment

Google Analytics collects quite a lot of detail, such as when you visited, your vague geographical location based on your IP, and where you've come from before this website.
I do not care about most of this information. I do not care what website referred you, I do not care where you are. I just want to see where the traffic is coming to on the website, and how much of it is coming from places outside Nintendo Homebrew.
I will not sell, steal, lease, transmit, pass on or otherwise do almost anything with the data received from Google Analytics.
I will not use your data, your referrer, or your accumulated Internet-wide advertising profile to market or advertise to you. I don't want your money, unless you want to give it to me.
I will not keep a copy of any data, however Google Analytics will cache your visit for 26 months.
the eip network has not, does not and will not ever run ads, sell or scrape data, market to you or otherwise use your data or your advertising profile(s) to our advantage.
per the GDPR, I am unable to use any IP addresses or other collected information to identify you as a unique user, or "natural person". this is because all of the information I receive is "in aggregate" and cannot be boiled down to the individual user level. as such, I am not required to have one of those annoying popups telling you about cookies. But I do have this page.

contact me

if required you can reach me